Edward Yu

Data Analytics

Machine Learning

R, RStudio, Python, MySQL

Data cleaning, exploratory analysis of historical records

Our metal applications laboratory maintained records dating back to 1999 that required both cleaning and exploratory analysis.

  • R, RMarkdown
  • Safety Data Sheet database/inventory

    An internally used database replacing all paper copies of Safety Data Sheets allowing not only quick storage and lookup of said documents and applicable chemical hazards, but also useful as an inventory management system.

  • MS Access
  • Bakery sales analysis

    Exploratory and market basket analysis on transaction data from a bakery.

  • R, RMarkdown
  • Ignition testing script

    Script which automates the acquisition of ignition characteristics, calculating parameters such as delta, ignition time, and duration while presenting them in a concise graphical format.

  • R, RMarkdown
  • ed-yu.com

    This website! A boostrapped site to showcase my various projects.

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
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