Columbus, Ohio

Hello, I'm Edward Yu.

Currently enrolled at Georgia Tech , specializing in Data Analytics .
A curious Full Stack Software Engineer with a Machine Learning habit . I love a good data visualization.

Donut Maker App

A Javascript based clicker game inspired by the famous Cookie Clicker app.

Personal Website

This website! A bootstrapped minimal showcase of projects.

Virtual Pet Game

A simple command-line Tomogatchi-like game built in Java. Try to keep the Robot Dogs alive!

NSFW Community Detection

A collaborative project seeking to detect changes in naturally emergent communities within a popular adult video site. Implemented in D3 and a (very slow) RMD file.

Force-directed Graph

An interactive node/edge plot built using D3.js, using toy data to experiment with node behaviours such as dragging, pinning, click-events, etc.

Boardgame Popularity by Country

An interactive Choropleth map built using D3.js, mapping average boardgame ratings by country.

Filter Defects Analysis

An financial comparison of specific defects found in the manufacturing process of foundry filters over time.

Customer Segmentation Analysis

An exercise in dividing customers into groups based on financial impact whereby additional services could be rendered or withheld based on financial benefit.

Foundry Data Cleaning

A somewhat tedious cleaning task on data, dating back to 1995, relating to data collected in a small foundry setting.

Bakery Transaction Analysis

A primarily exploratory data analysis on nearly 6 months of bakery sales data with ultimate suggestions to increase revenue.